Vehicle GPS Tracker MV77G

Vehicle GPS Tracker MV77G

Vehicle GPS Tracker MV77G


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Vehicle GPS Tracker MV77G

Introducing our cutting-edge Vehicle GPS Tracking System, equipped with an array of advanced features to ensure optimal security and efficiency for your fleet management needs.


  1. 4G LTE + Connectivity: Enjoy lightning-fast, reliable connectivity, ensuring real-time tracking and data transmission.
  2. Real-time Tracking: Keep tabs on your vehicles’ whereabouts with precise real-time tracking, accessible via our intuitive web or mobile app interface.
  3. Historical Route Playback: Review past routes taken by your vehicles, aiding in analysis, optimization, and performance monitoring.
  4. Ignition Detection: Receive instant alerts whenever your vehicle’s ignition is turned on or off, providing crucial insights into unauthorized usage.
  5. Geo-Fence: Set up virtual boundaries for your vehicles, and receive alerts whenever they enter or exit designated areas, enhancing security and efficiency.
  6. Overspeed Alarm: Ensure compliance with speed limits and safety protocols by receiving alerts whenever vehicles exceed preset speed thresholds.
  7. Vibration Alarm: Detect unauthorized tampering or potential theft attempts with vibration sensors that trigger instant alarms.
  8. Voice Monitor: Access live audio feeds from within the vehicle, enabling real-time monitoring for added security and safety.
  9. Panic Button: Empower drivers with a panic button feature, allowing them to send distress signals instantly in emergency situations.
  10. Battery Low Voltage Alarm: Stay informed about your vehicle’s battery health, receiving alerts when the battery voltage drops below optimal levels.
  11. Fast Charging Design: Enjoy quick and convenient recharging of the tracking device, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime for your fleet.
  12. Pull Out Alarm: Receive immediate notifications if the tracking device is tampered with or forcefully removed, enhancing security measures against theft or sabotage.

Our Vehicle GPS Tracking System offers unparalleled reliability, accuracy, and convenience, empowering you to optimize operations, enhance security, and streamline fleet management processes. With comprehensive features and seamless integration, it’s the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to stay ahead in today’s dynamic transportation landscape.

Device Information

Model MV77G
Weight 41g
Dimensions 85mm(L)*49.2mm(W)*26mm(H)
Battery Built-in 3.7V 50mAh Polymer Battery
Battery Working Time Tracking Mode:1- 2 Days


Working Parameters

Working Voltage 9-32V DC
Working Current 12V/65mA
Sleep Current 12V/Average 10mA
Working Humidity 10%-85%RH
Working Temperature -20℃ – 75℃


GNSS Specifications

GPS Frequency L1: 1575.42±1.023MHz
BDS Frequency B1:1561.098±2.046MHz
Accuracy Location accuracy: <10m,

Timing accuracy: <30ns

Speed accuracy: <0.1m/s(1σ)


External Interfaces

Charging Port USB-A DC: 5V 2A/9V 2A
Charging Port USB-C DC: 5V 2A/9V 2A
SOS Support
Satellite Channels 32
Hot/Cold Start <1s,<32s @ Open Sky


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